Elevii clasei a VI-a si a V-a înscrisi în proiect: Alexandra Codrean, Diana Budugan, Sarra Ruscu, Karina Faje, Iona Văcaru, Alecs Sidea, Victor Rusu, Nadia Cramba, Emilia Nichiteanu, Colipcă Roxana, Fatima Habib, Mihai Burgheaua, Marco Dumitrascu, Sara Nicole Sulea, Sary Habib, Maximilian Caraculea.

Munkatársak (csapattagok):

arh. Brîndușa Raluca Havași, arh. Mina Sava, prof. Eugenia Dragoi Banciu, prof. Veronica Adorjan, prof. Denisa Borlean, arh. Bogdan Chisalita

Külső munkatársak:

stud. arh. Alex Birau, stud. arh. Marcu Hunor, arh. Farcas Pataki, prof. Mihai Filip, elevi: David Ionas, Adela Murărescu, Alina Cioară, Claudia Vaszko, Denisa Vaszko, Karla Borbely, Lavinia Darusi, Simona Pantea, Mara Sferdian, Bogdan Kinzerskiy; părinti: Luiza Maria Ricman, Nina Chelariu, Cristina Isac.


Liceul de Arte Plastice, Str. Gen I. Dragalina Nr.8, Timișoara, România


Liceul de Arte Plastice, Timișoara, România


51 434 RON

A pályamű leírása:

The project De-a arhitectura in my school: My Dream Classroom! came from our desire to offer pupils some elements of quality architecture applied to the school itself. During the last school term we went through the stages I observe - I analyze - I build - I present. We played “de-a arhitectura” leaving our imagination free; our ideas and dreams became models for o school where we would like to come and to learn with pleasure. At the end of term, children presented their ideas in front of fellow students, teachers, and parents. Now this projects are implemented in the classroom itself. Together with elementary notions of architecture we are studying how to pass from ideas to projects and then to translate projects into concrete work. We plan what to do and evaluate consequences at every stage. We calculate what materials are necessary and employ tradesman; we also evaluate timings. Trough students' participation on the site, we want to make then more responsible for preserving their classroom. We want to change the old scruffy paintings and floors with new Eco-friendly materials, in keeping with a contemporary look of the classroom. Students wished to have a space for socializing and relaxation, cupboards for storing their materials, a green corner and a place for rubbish selection and storage. We want to paint the old benches and the woodwork, and to change the old radiators and windows, keeping in mind that we work in a historical building. Students took the old parquet out and scrapped off the successive layers of paint on the walls. We shall draw the city profile on the classroom wall, and will paint the woodwork ourselves. By participating at every stage of the work, students will really make the classroom their own, and will change their outlook on the neighbourhood and their town. We wish this project to be an example to be followed by other classrooms and schools in the country, as De-a arhitectura programs, conducted by volunteers, reached in only four years 3000 students in over 30 Romanian towns. http://de-a