Arhigest SRL

Munkatársak (csapattagok):

arh. Delia CIURARIU, arh. Maria SGÎRCEA, arh. Lidia PĂCURAR, arh. Slach Radu

Külső munkatársak:

drd. ing. Aurelian GRUIN, ing. Alina TÎRTEA, ing. Adrian VALEA, ing. Mihai LUTE


Ținutul Pădurenilor, Lelese, jud. Hunedoara


Silvestru Aurelia, Î.I.


210.000 €

Bruttó szintterület:

235,4 mp

A pályamű leírása:

Woodsmen Land The place has strength. Its stillness demands respect. One hectare of land mid-way between two villages, a pasture and grounds where wild boars and wondering sheep sometimes stumble in. You can only build here if you are small (the volume of the house arranges itself in three smaller ones, covered in wooden shingles), natural (of stone, earth, wood, lime) and steady. People don’t build in rammed earth anymore, so we had to re-teach ourselves – grain size distribution curves and destructive testing as part of a research contract with INCERC Timișoara. Two years in – we have a recipe. Just like making cake – you must combine in the right proportions, at the adequate humidity – clay, sand, silt and gravel. Materials The foundations – made out of cyclopean concrete. After we made our way “out of the ground”, we went on with building techniques as traditional as we could handle and as we could find workers for. The wooden flooring was made on earth fillings; the clayey soil beneath the house was rammed in wooden formworks. All the wood leftover from the formworks was repurposed as part of the house, as flooring and roof decking. The hydraulic lime plaster is set by hand, as straight as the walls could allow. After applying the lime wash, and setting in the skylights, the walls had much more narrative than a simple straight wall. Instead of beams, we have a thick wooden plank laying on the width of the wall. The house is covered in wooden shingles, split alongside its fiber, just as they used to make it here, in this Land. All the upper ridges open up to become light lines, following the rhythm of rafters. Coming from above, grazing the crooked walls, the light renders the shadows of every trowel mark. The building is perfectly in line with the cardinal points, over imposing a system of ratio tracing, of √2 and √5 for the lighting thresholds. Like before, the building is autonomous, only it does so with contemporary technology at contemporary standards. It produces its energy with an off-grid hybrid system, photovoltaic panels and a vertical axis wind turbine. The rainwater is collected and repurposed. We have a rural guesthouse, four rooms and a lit nook. Beyond its title, we want to turn it into a Place – The Rammed-earth House, Woodsmen Land.